Fiddes & Sons Wax

Our first choice in finishing our chalk painted creations is

We tried every soft paste wax on the market and Fiddes was the perfect fit for our needs. As thrifty, environmentally conscientious  and practicality minded painters, Fiddes was just what we were looking for. We found it to have so many positive attributes that we just had “hold hands”.

  • Dries harder and faster!
  • Only stinks a little. They claim it’s odorless but I can smell a slight aroma of honey (beeswax) and some smell vanilla.
  • Affordable! Won’t break our budget on the wax and a little goes a LONG way, especially with the dark colors!
  • Available! No long, extended wait to get the wax. Available nationwide or from our website….you’ll have it in 4 days or less!
  • Can be used on bare or painted surfaces!
  • Can be applied with a rag or a brush, no special tools needed.
  • We make ours last longer and extend “play time” by sitting it in the sun and melting it first….no waste from “chunks” dropping onto the floor.
  • Toluene FREE! (This is what is NOT in Fiddes~
    •  TOLUENE a colorless, water-insoluble, flammable liquid, C 7 H 8 having a benzenelike odor, obtained chiefly from coal tar and petroleum: used as a solvent in the manufacture of benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, TNT, and other organic compounds.) THANK GOODNESS!!!!

    Coming soon…..a tutorial on applying wax……so easy!